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Mt. Dew
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Mt. Dew

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review 26 Review(s)
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Customer Reviews
Rating Spot ON
Just like the real thing. Have had two from other companies, this one is the best.
  Reviewed by:   from Lake Forest, CA. on 10/30/2015
Rating Almost like Mt Dew
Tastes like some sort of citrus blend. It has a similarity to Mt Dew itself, but not quite all there. Definitely a good taste, though. I've been vaping this for the past few days. 20vg/80pg @ 36mg
  Reviewed by:   from Pennsylvania. on 9/10/2014
Rating best yet out of many others
mt. dew is my go to flavor and ive tried so many over the past few years. this one is just plain awesome. one of the best yet and at the price cant be beat.
  Reviewed by:   from texas. on 8/21/2014
Rating Love this flavor!
I love this Mountain Dew flavor! I really wasn't ever a fan of Mountain Dew in general but this flavor is light, tasty, and refreshing. I really can't imagine switching over to anything else.
  Reviewed by:   from Utah. on 7/16/2014
Rating Great Lemon/ Lime
Not sure if it taste like Mt Dew, but it is really good lemon/lime flavor. Got this in sample size, just ordered it in a 50ml bottle.
  Reviewed by:   from Cincinnati. on 4/28/2014
Rating Virtually Perfect
As people have said, it is definitely lemon-limey. Mountain Dew is lemon-lime, so it's debatable. In any case, if you get this, you won't get tired of it. As soon as I told my friend I was getting a Vape a while back, he immediately told me to get this flavor. I have no regrets!
  Reviewed by:   from Washington, DC.. on 2/1/2014
Rating Mt. Dew
Very pleased with this purchase. We will buy all of our juice from Pleased with ship time. Thanks
  Reviewed by:   from Oklahoma. on 1/27/2014
Rating Good lemon/lime vape
reminds me a little of mountain dew, but its mostly a lemon/lime flavor. Its more on the sweeter side, than tart which is something i prefer.
  Reviewed by:   from Midwest. on 12/31/2013
Rating Definite Lemon/Lime...
Great vape. Very strong Lemon/Lime flavor - lacking any and all sweetness of "Mountaing Dew" but if you like a crisp Lemon/Lime vape this one is for you. It's definitely not a Mountain Dew and I wouldn't even categorize it with 7UP or Sprite... It's just a crisp Lemon/Lime.
  Reviewed by:   from St. Louis, MO. on 9/16/2013
Rating good flavor but lacks throat hit
I really like the flavor but unfortunately does not have a satisfactory throat hit for me at 18mg.
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 5/11/2013
Rating Not Bad!
I've been a strict, menthol only vaper since the beginning. I've recently wanted to branch out and try other flavors. This juice definitely has a lemon/lime flavor. Not sure that it's exactly like Mt. Dew, but it's good. I mix it with menthol because I just can't break away from that refreshing, cooling feeling. It pairs up nicely. I'll probably order again.
  Reviewed by:   from Alabama . on 3/5/2013
Rating Not sure it's Mt. Dew but it is my All Day Vape NOW
I'm not sure that it's exactly like Mt. Dew but it is my All Day Vape NOW. It might be more like 7up or sprite but it was lemon lime enough for me. I got this in as a sample because I thought it would be good...and I was right. I though it would be a nice flavor to vape from time to time as I didn't really care for the lemonade I purchased from another site.
  Reviewed by:   from Carson. on 1/3/2013
Rating off brand perhaps, but still tasty
Not quite the brand everyone know but very close to a store brand. Very vapeable right from delivery
  Reviewed by:   from nepa. on 11/10/2012
Rating Excellent juice
I've been a fan of Mt. Dew juices for a few reasons. I like them because they are light and have a fresh clean taste. They don't clog a cartomizer and the carts last an incredibly long time before the draw becomes tight. This blend by VaporGod is probably the best out of the 3 I have tried. It does taste like Mt. Dew to me. (My son thinks it's kind of like a mix of Mt. Dew and Sprite but he likes it so much it's now his favorite vape too)
  Reviewed by:   from Georgia. on 11/3/2012
Rating Great all day vape!
This is by far my favorite all day vape! Great flavor and vapor production. I vape a Vivi Nova with a 2.4ohm @ 3.7v on a Lava Tube. My only sugestion would be to make it just a hair sweeter. This e-juice is great at both 20% or 40% vg mix.
  Reviewed by:   from Grand Forks, ND. on 10/31/2012
Rating Great
Really good. Tastes like the drink to me. Will be getting more. Better at higher voltage. Vaped in a Boge carto (2.9 ohms) at 4.0 volts on a Provari.
  Reviewed by:   from Lumberton, NC. on 10/9/2012
Rating Good stuff!
This is a really good juice, and it does taste exactly like Mt. Dew. Not something I'd usually vape all day or anything, but it's worth having on hand for something different.
  Reviewed by:   from Washington. on 7/31/2012
Rating skoal
taste exactly like skoal citrus not really mountain dew tasting it would need to be sweeter
  Reviewed by:   from my crib. on 7/23/2012
Rating Just Dew It!
For anyone who likes to drink Mountain Dew, this juice will not disappoint. The only thing missing is carbonation.
  Reviewed by:   from Chapin, SC. on 6/10/2012
Rating Good Citrus Vape
This is a good citrus vape. I did not think it tasted like Mt. Dew. I do consume a lot of diet Mt. Dew though so that may be the issue.
  Reviewed by:   from Scottsdale, AZ. on 3/25/2012
Rating Not quite.
Not quite there. It has a nice citrus flavor, but really too subtle, more flavor would make this a winner.
  Reviewed by:   from Spokane Washington. on 3/22/2012
Rating Wow!...Just Wow
This Mt. Dew is SPOT ON! Great Taste, Great Throat Hit, Nice Vapor (20% VG Mix). This will be a regular Vape for me! Nice job Vaporgod!!
  Reviewed by:   from Georgia. on 2/22/2012
Rating My new smoke of choice
I''m a former menthol cigarette smoker, ordered this in 10ml as a gag when first ordering some menthol e-juice... now I won''t order anything but this. Best stuff ever, excellent throat hit and vapor production on both 60/40 and 20/90, great flavor. Had my girlfriend, who still smokes regular cigarettes, give it a try and she said the taste was spot on. Will definitely be a regular purchase from now on.
  Reviewed by:   from Alabama. on 2/17/2012
Rating Could use more flavor.
This is a great liquid. Refreshing taste, yet it could be stronger in flavor. 20% VG on a Inferno w/ Tankomizer.
  Reviewed by:   from Tennessee. on 11/25/2011
Rating Mountain Dew Exactly
I soaked it up and enjoyed this alot. Taste just like lemon-lime with a hint of orange. If you love Mt. Dew this is the flavor for you !!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Knoxville, Tn. on 11/8/2011
Rating Very Close.
This is very close to Mtn. Dew. It has a great lemon-lime taste, with the perfect amount of sweetness. Any lemon-lime fan should definitley give this a try.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 10/14/2011
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