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Boge XXL 510 3.0 Cartomizer 5 Pack

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Part Number: Boge XXL 3.0 Black
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These are the Boge XXL cartomizers which are 10mm longer (50mm in length) than standard Boge cartomizers. Similar in size to a dual coil cartomizer they hold approximately 1.7ml of liquid. See picture for a size comparison.

Boge makes some of the greatest cartomizers on the market. We are happy to bring them to you at an outstanding price. 

These cartomizers produce clouds of vapor and bring out the flavor in your eliquid. They can be refilled easily by taking out the white cap and dripping in your favorite eliquid. Use them over and over again! 

We guarantee your cartomizers will not be dead on arrival but there is no warranty due to the variability of eliquids and PV's on the market

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