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Smoktech RN4081 Refillable Cartomizers - Black

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Smoktech 1.7ohm RN4081 Refillable Cartomizers

These cartomizers are to be used with RN4081 batteries. Now you can enjoy any VaporGod flavored eliquid with your RN4081 device. These cartomizers can be refilled over and over again unlike most pre-filled cartomizers which are to be used only once and then discarded.

To fill and refill simply remove the white insert at the top of the cartomizer and drip liquid into the filler material inside. You may also use the "condom method" to refill these cartos by filling the rubber sleeve with liquid and dipping the threaded side of the cartomizer into it until the filler material has been completely soaked.

We guarantee your cartomizers will not be dead on arrival but there is no warranty due to the variability of eliquids and PV's on the market. Although these cartos are refillable they will eventually need to be replaced. That time will vary depending on your usage.

Compatible with the following electronic cigarettes:

Smoking-Everywhere Gold
Trio Gold
Njoye Npro E-Cigarette Battery

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